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PULSE Project conducted a workshop with regional communications consultants

AUGUST 22 – 23, the PULSE Project conducted a training seminar for regional communications consultants in Kyiv.

O. Slobozhan, Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, opened the meeting and made a presentation for the participants. He dwelt on the first outcomes of the Decentralisation Marathon All-Ukrainian Initiative, which reached its "equator" in August, and the subsequent tasks of regional consultants, particularly in the field of information dissemination and communications. Executive directors of AUC Regional Offices joined the first part of the meeting with online video tools.

O. Slobozhan, Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, stressed the necessity of introducing teamwork approaches to the work of the consultants and AUC Regional Offices, because better results are achieved through joint efforts.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the findings of the sociological survey of public opinion. The National Survey called "Determining the Level of Citizen Awareness and Attitude to Current or Expected Changes occurring or expected in: the organizational aspects of local governments; in the system of the provision of public services; and, in other areas of local government" was conducted in April - June of 2016 upon the request of the AUC within the framework of the PULSE Project.

It is expected that the findings and numbers will serve as a guide for further actions in developing and implementing decentralisation reforms, and will be useful in the work of communications consultants. The PULSE Center for Communications prepared info graphic materials based on the findings of this sociological research, which will be disseminated to AUC Regional Offices to be used in their work with communities.

Executive directors from Regional Offices and the meeting participants received clarifications on the process of formation of consolidated territorial community, in particular, with regard to:

- obtaining the expert opinion of oblast state administrations and scheduling first local elections in the newly established consolidated territorial communities that should take place at such a time that would allow these communities to be taken into consideration during the National Budget of 2017 process;

- difficulties consolidated territorial communities encounter while obtaining this year the subvention for infrastructure development.

O. Slobozhan also informed the participants about the actions taken by the AUC to protect the interests of local governments in the budget process and about the appeal to the Ministry of Finance concerning Cabinet of Ministers scheduling budget consultations on the draft National Budget for 2017 with local government associations.

The hands-on part of the workshop was devoted to training in shooting and editing video materials. Under the guidance of experienced coach S. Polischuk, the communications consultants and the staff of the AUC Center for Communications studied the rules of shooting, interviewing, preparing video installations using the professional video editor software.

The new skills and knowledge are expected to strengthen the communication component of the PULSE Project the preparation of high quality video materials on the progress and results of activities under the Decentralisation Marathon and improve the coverage of success stories in consolidated territorial communities.

Background.  Each AUC Regional Office working within the framework of the PULSE Project purchased video cameras and other auxiliary video equipment to shoot interviews, prepare video stories and make high quality photos.

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