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The AUC concurred with the draft law “On Vocational Education” and provided a number of recommendations

JULY 20, PULSE Project specialists prepared their expert opinion with regard to draft law “On Vocational Education”. The document was prepared by the Ministry of Public Education and Science of Ukraine and sent to the AUC for concurrence.

Having expressed their support to the draft law in general, PULSE Project experts provided a number of recommendations.

With regard to the authority of local governments in the sphere of vocational education

It is necessary to exclude from the draft law the provision on obtaining concurrence from the central executive agency in the sphere of public education for founding, reorganisation and closing communally-owned vocational educational establishments, because in accordance with the current legislation this issue has been rendered to the competence of local government bodies. 

With regard to the financial support from the National Budget for vocational training in nation-wide qualifications

Certain occupations are in short supply in Ukraine and, therefore, need to be supported by the state. However, one should envision the possibility of providing such support from other sources, so thatthe number of such specialists would not be limited only by those ordered by the state.

The AUC sent a letter to the Ministry expressing its concurrence of the Draft Law “On Vocational Education” provided its recommendations are taken into account.


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