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In response to the numerous requests, PULSE Project republished the hands-on manual on the formation of capable communities

The Decentralisation Marathon is a Ukraine-wide event initiated by the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC) to accelerate the process of establishing consolidated territorial communities. By the end of the year (starting from June till December) the Association will conduct approximately 1,000 site visits to communities organised by AUC Regional Offices. The regional consultants will inform about the benefits of decentralisation, provide explanations about the processes and stages of community consolidation, and offer their consultations and expert assistance in preparing the necessary documents and draft ordinances. The participation of representatives of the communities, which have already consolidated, will serve as a powerful motivation factor for other communities to consolidate. The Decentralisation Marathon is being conducted by the AUC within the framework of the PULSE Project.

V. Klychko, Head of the AUC and Kyiv City Mayor, H. Zubko, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, and V. Kovalchuk, First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, gave a symbolic start to the Decentralisation Marathon during the 12th Ukrainian municipal Forum in Odesa

The Project performs site visits to communities according to the schedules, which were put together in each AUC Regional Office and approved by the AUC Central Office.

JULY 18 – 22, the Project conducted 54 events within the framework of the Marathon in the communities, which are likely to consolidate. The Project also conducted informational events in all oblasts of Ukraine, except for the Volyn and Cherkasy oblasts.


In response to the numerous requests, PULSE Project republished the hands-on manual on the formation of capable communities

Project experts disseminate the publication during the Decentralisation Marathon

The AUC working within the framework of the PULSE Project republished the manual on the formation of capable communities (2nd edition) and updated the information in the context of the last year experience.

The purpose of the manual is to assist communities in the course of their consolidation. The book provides the description of the consolidation process and is of the informational, public awareness and practical nature. The publication targets, first of all, village, town and city mayors and members of local councils, as well as those who deal with the practical implementation of the provisions of community consolidation legislation.

The first issue of this manual (prepared within the framework of the DIALOGUE Project) became very popular. In late 2015, the Law of Ukraine "On Voluntary Consolidation of Territorial Communities" was amended and these amendments were reflected in the second issue.

The electronic version of the manual is available for free access in the Decentralisation Documents section and was placed in the Facebook.

The AUC Regional Offices (AUC ROs) has all the print-run of the manual. All regional PULSE Project consultants use this manual during their trips to communities within the framework of the Decentralisation Marathon to provide consultations to the potential consolidated territorial communities and for information and public awareness work.

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