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PULSE Project to conduct Local Government Regional Policy Dialogue Platforms

A regional platform is a joint meeting of mayors of AUC Regional Office member municipalities, oblast leadership, and National Deputies who were elected from the given region, which are conducted with the purpose of supporting the approval in the parliament of the legislation aimed at resolving local government problem issues. Based on the discussions, the Project conducts regional press club meetings.

JULY 19, the Project conducted a working session of the Odesa Regional Policy Dialogue Platform in the city of Odesa to discuss amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine with regard to decentralisation.

City mayors, Odesa Mayor and Chairman of the Odesa AUC RO H. Trukhanov, National Deputies V. Hulyaev, M. Skoryk, O. Presman, D. Holubov, A. Kisse, V. Barvinenko and S. Kivalov, Chairman of the Odesa Oblast Council A. Urbanskyi, representatives of local governments from the oblast and media participated in the event.

In the course of the discussions, the participants touched upon local self-governance development issues and decentralisation. Odesa Mayor H. Trukhanov noted the role of the AUC in the implementation of the decentralisation reform: “Today, the Association of Ukrainian Cities should become the collegial body to listen to and accumulate the opinions of village, town and city representatives and deliver the opinion of citizens to the central government”.

H. Trukhanov also emphasised the inadmissibility of redistributing collections from the local excise tax in favour of the oblast budgets: “We believe that this is inadmissible. The moment we were given an opportunity to forecast our budgets, someone wants to deprive us of this opportunity. But let me mention the following: more than 67% of Ukrainian roads stay in communal ownership. Therefore I ask you not to support this draft law and firmly support the position of the Association of Ukrainian Cities”, - he said to the National Deputies.

V. Demchenko, Executive Director of the Odesa AUC Regional Office, spoke about the Ukraine-wide initiative to launch the Decentralisation Marathon. The Marathon has already started in the Odesa region.

O. Holynska, PULSE Project budget consultant, made a presentation about fiscal decentralisation, its achievements, future prospects and problem issues.

The participants of the Regional Policy Dialogue Platform also discussed the issues related to the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine with regard to decentralisationand touched upon the achievements of fiscal decentralisation. In addition to this, the participants engaged in the discussion of issues related to the consolidation of territorial communities.

Based on the discussions, the National Deputies received a number of draft laws, which should be approved to support further implementation of the local government reform.

The local government representatives and National Deputies welcomed the new approach suggested by the PULSE Project, which provides an opportunity for direct communication and identification of local government issues and needs to be discussed and included in draft legislation in the parliament.

Following the discussion, the project conducted a meeting of the press club for local media representatives.

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