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Berezivka Consolidated Territorial Community. Sumy oblast

The community increases the level of health care services

The Berezivka Consolidated Territorial Community has united 8 village councils in the Hlukhiv rayon in accordance with the long-term perspective plan for the formation of capable communities in the Sumy oblast.

The total budget of these 8 village councils in 2015 constituted 12.154 million UAH, while the budget of the Berezivka consolidated territorial community in 2016 reaches 22.136 million UAH. This means that the amount of the local budget almost doubled. 

With the additional resources, as well as with the funding form the National Regional Development Fund, the community has set up the Center for Primary Medical and Sanitary Assistance, which unites 3 out-patient clinics, 3 rural health and obstetrics stations, and 3 village first aid units.

The community repaired all the premises of these facilities. Better financial resources provided opportunities to involve highly qualified specialists and, consequently, provide effective, responsive and accessible preventive and treatment services, and emergency aid for the residents of the consolidated territorial community.

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