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Bilozirya Consolidated Territorial Community, Cherkasy oblast

In April of 2016, the Bilozirya consolidated territorial community established its Center for Administrative Services (CAS). The local government of Bilozirya chose creating comfortable and affordable conditions for services is one of its main tasks.

The official website of the community posted a list of services provided by the Center. In the future, the community plans to expand the list of the services. The Center accommodates the local office of the State Registration Service and the state registrar, the legal department, the Center for Children and Youth, and the Department of Social Protection. The community also plans to put up a "One-Stop-Shop" for registration of all certificates so that people could apply in the morning and get all the necessary documents in the evening.

Thanks to the CAS, the municipality provides an opportunity to receive quick and professional services in a comfortable manner in one office and to facilitate the relations between the local government and the community. It has become easier for citizens to quickly get information, advice or a particular service.

Due to the community consolidation and legislative changes, the residents of the consolidated territorial community feel that they are working for the benefit of their own territory and for the people of their community. Orientation on citizen needs to address their problem issues and expectations has become a priority in the work of the local government of the consolidated territorial community.   

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